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Color Matched Lids & Bodywork

Save up to 25% when we use color matched components from ADVANBLACK.

* We do offer color matching lids and body work when offering a consultation on an audio upgrade. You can turn any two speaker combination into a 4 speaker combination and not worry about needing to have your lids painted at your local paint shop.

Advanblack stocks over 85% of colors and the lead time on those not instock is just weeks out. Not months like a local paint shop.

#MotorcycleAudio12v #GETLOUD for LESS!

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Hertz, the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second.

From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz car audio reflects that we are a performance-oriented company, by philosophy and design.

Hertz philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined in a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.


For over 20 years they have been creating products that are inspired by the passionate lifestyles of car audio enthusiasts. Discover what drives them.

See their story and share the legacy of passion, culture and the sound of Euphoria Car Audio.

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We are now direct with Metra Sound Corp.

We offer their entire line of brands, but mainly Motorcycle Saddle Tramp Accessories.

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Do you have a 2013 or later HARLEY, but want 2020 technology and features?

Look no further! We have all the adaptation, wiring, and audio accessories required to utilize a double din, GPS and Bluetooth to any Streetglide or Roadglide back to 1996.

Have a Roadking and want audio? 

We got that adaption too! After market fairings, lowers, speaker lids and handlebar mounted systems.

We're also very competitive on pricing, charging nearly almost half then what our competitors charge. Check Us Out & #GETLOUD for LESS!

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We carry radar detection products including handlebar mounting platforms by RAM MOUNTS.

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We just listed 8 refined packages and pricing which includes a prewired 'plug &play' amplifier and a pair of 6.5" coaxial speakers.

Packages start off at $500 on up!

NVX AMPS / Big Power in a Small Package

Don’t let the size fool you! The Marine-V Series Amplifiers packs a massive punch when it comes to power.

At NVX, they know how important space is when installing anything aftermarket. The Marine-V Series Amps are capable of being installed anywhere and everywhere on your motorcycle, the Marine-V Series Amps will take up little space. 

Amplifiers of similar size produce half the power output compared to our amplifiers. The MVPA2 and MVPA4 amps both boast an output of 600W RMS, while the slightly larger MVPA6 boast an output of 900W RMS.

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If you like Soundigital, here is Brazil's top brand, bar none, Banda Audioparts Amplificadores.

We are running a special introductory price on these 400.4 class D amplifers. Message us for more info!

Founded in 1986, BANDA AUDIOPARTS is pioneer on car sound amplifiers in Brazil, highlighted by it’s superior quality and innovative designs.

Banda was the first national company to produce full Mosfets Class AB Amplifiers, posteriorly developing the first Cass D amplifier in Brazil, and in the last years innovating again with Banda’s injected heat-sinks, composed by 100% aluminum.

Internationally recognized, Banda Audioparts is always looking for technological innovations, in order to keep making revolutions on the Sound Car Market, with global leveled products.


We carry 2-way paging alarm systems that page you when your motorcycle is being tampered with via the systems remote control with its lcd screen.

🚔 2-Way Paging Motorcycle Alarm System 🚔

Mega 2-Way 2,000 ft. Paging Alarm System for Only $125

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We now carry DIRTY BIRD CONCEPTS motorcycle audio speaker installation components. These products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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If your needing a powerful battery designed for added power consuming accessories such as audio, lights, etc., we now stock Shuriken Batteries by Metra Electronics.

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Now offering Hi-Performance Audio Dynamics 🔈

We are offering consultations on various components, along with complete "plug & play" prewired amplifiers and speaker combinations.

For you DSP guys, those are available too!

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We are stocking Diamond Audio CUT-IN speaker lid kits for 2014 to current Harley touring motorcycles.

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Diamond Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth DSP Processor

Diamond Audio's BTDSP46 digital signal processor provides high resolution clarity and customized sound settings to your personal sound system. Manufactured for all sound system applications in any enviroment, this DSP unit integrates into just about any automotive, motorcycle, marine, or power sport vehicle, and corrects factory sound systems to ensure that your music can be listened to as the artist intended.

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We are a DAYTONA HELMET reseller. We extend a courtesy discount on all products because we care about rider safety.

Choose a Product and Send Us an Email:

REMEMBER: Survival rates in motorcycle accidents depend on whether you use a helmet, or not. 

Now stocking PRV's TIMPANO line of quality audio components. Most products are engineered and manufatured in Brazil, South America.

If your looking for Brazilian quality and reliability but without the Brazilian price tag, THIS IS IT!

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We ship U.S. Postal Service PRIORITY on products ordered from us, such as our wired amplifiers. We use this service on all international orders, too.

We also use FED EX and UPS on orders shipped domestically.

We provide tracking number(s) and will indicate if a signature is needed, ensuring you get your product(s) safely.

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